Acoustic Flamenco Metal - stunningly combined

I didn't know anything about Rodrigo y Gabriela this morning. Now I do. I love that about music, art, life!!

They are a Mexican guitar duo, who combine Rock, Flamenco, Jazz, Metal and Folk and have been doing their thing for a decade now. They used to earn a crust playing in hotels, and being metal fans, they had a repertoire that included Slayer, Megadeth, Testament. But no one would have guessed that. Not the way they play them.

They played in thrash metal bands together in Mexico, and spent the past 10 years mostly in Dublin (a great city for sure).

So here are Rodrigo y Gabriela, made up of Rodrigo Sanchez (lead guitar) and Gabriela Quintero (rhythm guitar)  playing Stairway to Heaven, and there's nothing cliché about it.

We feel fine; An exploration of human emotion, in six movements

I think this is incredible. I've told so many people about it since I found it last year, and now I can share it with you.

Imagine being able to get guage of how the world is feeling right now. Or how women in England feel when it rains in June. Explore this site and you'll see that the world really does share the same emotions. I think this is mindblowing, a massive social experiement and real-time insites into how the world feels. Well, the 25% of the world who are online.

So this is a chap (should I say artist and computer scientist?) collecting partial glimpses of stories from reality.

Open this and have a look around. But I recommend you watch the video first to get a better idea of what it is about (helps).